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Contact Information

  • Patients: Please contact our office by phone at 403-956-3867 with any inquiries

  • Physicians:

    • Please fax all non-urgent referrals to our office at 403-956-1598

    • For urgent or emergent referrals, please call the plastic surgeon on-call using the RAAPID South referral system at 1-800-661-1700 



Dr. Elzinga works at the South Health Campus hospital in south Calgary​:

         4448 Front Street SE

         Calgary, Alberta, Canada  T3M 1M4

         Phone: 403-956-3867

         Fax: 403-956-1598

  • Minor surgery is located on the main floor

  • Day surgery is located on the 3rd floor

  • The hand clinic is located on the 4th floor

  • The plastic surgery clinic is located on the 7th floor in the 7a surgical clinic area

  • Admitted patients are typically assigned to rooms on the short stay unit on the 3rd floor or on unit 78 on the 7th floor


Dr. Elzinga performs private surgery at Riverview Surgical Centre, located in northwest Calgary:

         3125 Bowwood Drive NW 
         Calgary, Alberta, Canada  T3B 2E7

         Phone: 403-288-9400

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