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Hand Therapy


Certified hand therapists are specialists in the rehabilitation of hand injuries.  In Calgary, they work at various locations including the South Health Campus, Peter Lougheed Hospital, South Calgary Health Centre, and Sheldon Chumir Health Centre. 

Following a hand injury and/or surgery, some patients will require a certified hand therapist, others can work with community therapists, and some can do a home exercise program.  Dr. Elzinga and the hand therapy department at South Health Campus can guide you.  

Scar treatment can improve healing after injury and surgery. 

Heat and cold treatments can be helpful.  Some patients will purchase a home paraffin wax bath if recommended by their therapist

Stiffness may require splinting and straps to help stretch joints and soft tissues under the guidance of a therapist. 

Skin loss is common from traumatic hand injuries.  Please see this handout for instructions on allowing wounds to heal with time with a daily shower and the use of vaseline and Coban wrap. 

Driving after a Hand Injury and/or Surgery

Here is information about driving after hand surgery. Please discuss with Dr. Elzinga and/or your hand therapist if you have questions about your particular injury/surgery.

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